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                      Shanghai Sweeptech Company Limited is a leading Sino-US high-tech manufacturer focusing on designing and developing advanced cleaning technology to serve China domestic and Asia Pacific markets, and with the intention to become a key manufacturer in the Chinese cleaning equipment industry?in the near future.?
                      ENTERPRISE PROFILE

                      Shanghai Sweeptech Company Limited is a foreign investment company and a leading high-tech manufacturer of street sweepers and cleaning equipment. The company focuses on designing and developing advanced cleaning technology to serve China domestic, Asia Pacific, and other international markets. The company has many years of international experience and excellent relationships with key international municipal cleaning equipment manufacturers so we are able to introduce advanced European and American cleaning technology and equipment to the Chinese markets. We provide complete solution to municipal cleaning needs by introducing the right equipment and services. We have and continue to build the national distribution network so we can provide accurate and timely product information to our customers. The nationwide service network enables us to serve our customers in a timely fashion.

                      Product and service

                      ·Production and sales of medium

                      and small-sized road sweeper

                      ·After-sales service of medium

                      Technology and intellectual property

                      ·Introduce advanced foreign cleaning and

                      environmental sanitation technology in the

                      methods of technology transferring

                      Market development

                      Market positioning: due to high

                      technology and lean manufacturing,

                      road sweeper with first-class level


                      ADD:NO.1 168 Lane, Taihong Road, Hongqiao New District, Shanghai, China

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